Today's the Day!

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Today's the Day!

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:55 am

"Hunt You Down" by Saliva blares throughout the arena as Alexander Conway arrogently walks down to the ring. He stops at the announce table to pick up a microphone before sliding into the ring. Alexander takes a moment to look over the crowd before climbing up and sitting on the turnbuckle.

Alexander: Today is the day! Today is the day that both PHWF stock, and my own, start their long rise. Mr. Caligary has finally been given the opportunity he deserves.

Alexander hops off the turnbuckle and excitedly walks to the middle of the ring

Alexander: That's right you pukes!

The crowd doesn't take to kindly to being called pukes, and immediatly boo Alexander

Alexander: The most technically gifted, mentally superior superstar is finally given the opportunity he should of had from the beginning!

The booing of the crowd shows that they do not agree with him

Alexander: Once I breeze through this stupid tournament, I'll defeat The Russian Bear for the PHWF Impact Championship.

Alexander takes a brief pause

Alexander: You know Andrew, Mad Dragon was right. You don't need any luck, because no amount of luck would be able to save you tonight. I want that title, and I deserve it more than anyone else, and I'll be damned if I let anyone stop me from getting it! Tonight Hunter, you haven't got a prayer against me!

Alexander drops the microphone and waits for Andrew Hunter's entrance to signify the start of this match.
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