The Time is Right

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The Time is Right

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:58 pm

Alexander is walking backstage dressed in his ring gear when he is stopped by WHW's interviewer, Bubbles McPhee.

Bubbles: "Alexander, could I get a few words from you regarding your match?"

Alexander looks down the hallway before answering Bubbles.

Alexander: "Actually Bubbles, I'm on my way to the ring. My match is next."

Alexander starts to walk away, but turns and walks back over to Bubbles.

Alexander: "Who cares if I'm a tad late? Punctuality is overrated anyway."

Bubbles looks a bit surprised, but quickly gets over it.

Bubbles: "Alexander, tonight you face both Andrew Hunter and Jason Storm in a triple threat match. You haven't had much luck against either opponent, what's your gameplan going into tonight?"

Alexander takes a moment to consider Bubbles' question before responding.

Alexander: "My gameplan tonight? I actually don't have one. I'm just going to go out there, and brutalize my opponents until the referee is forced to raise my hand in victory. I'm going in to this match only to show how far beneath me my opponents are."

Alexander starts to walk down the hallway before again stopping and turning to face the camera.

Alexander: "The time is right to show that I am the real deal. Tonight, Andrew Hunter and Jason Storm haven't got a prayer!"

With that Alexander continues on his way, leaving Bubbles alone to dwell on what was said.
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