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Post  Andrew Hunter on Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:35 pm

The camera shows a dimly lit hallway with Andrew Hunter in it. Andrew Hunter walks slowly, lightly toward the camera wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a slight frown. He stops abruptly infront of the camera. He nods his head as he prepares to speak.

Andrew: Perhaps I was, in fact, on the losing end of my match at Collaborate to Hate. I hate to say it, but I didn't underestimate either of my opponents. Alexander Conway did what he wasn't expected to do. Though he wasn't able to pick up one win before that night; I've faced him twice. The first time: I managed to prove my heart by begining an undefeated streak. But, I saw more than just talent, I saw ruthlessness. He proved that he deserves to be here. Then, the next week, although not the way I wanted it, I was able to defeat Jason Storm to make myself a record consisting of two wins. And no losses. That wasn't the end, however, as I proved myself able to go toe-to-toe with Alexander Conway the next week. It just ened with an unfortunate double disqualification as Jason "Too Bad He Can't Lock in an Effective Submission Hold" Storm interfered, injecting himself into business that wasn't his.

Andrew Hunter pauses for a moment as he takes a deep breath

Andrew: But my 'luck', as some called it, ran out after just a couple of weeks ago. At Collaborate to Hate, Jason Storm was shown his Dark Demise. Although Alexander Conway may think that he destroyed my leg, he didn't manage to make me do what I said I wouldn't do.

Andrew looks up and begins wording what he just said with his mouth

Andrew: It makes sense, you just can't think of it as numbers. Although I felt like my leg was about to snap off, I've been in worse. Jason Storm somehow got into his comfort zone with the ankle lock, but I already said that a would not tap out, no matter how bad it hurt. And I'm glad to say that I kept my promise.

Andrew seems to grow a smile as he continues

Andrew: At the end of the day, being able to say that you didn't tap out is much more rewarding than not going through pain. Everything has a price, and now I understand that more than ever. Not every battle can be won.

Andrew's smile seems to grow as he continues

Andrew: No matter how hard the journey is, at the end of the day; Justice will be served!

Andrew opens his mouth and inhales deeply. He turns around and begins walking away from the camera as the shot fades out.

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