A new Challanger

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A new Challanger

Post  Raytheninja on Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:55 pm

The Lights are out. The fans are quiet. After a few seconds the silence breaks with the sound of "Blind Man" by Black Stone Cherry. As the arena again fills with light, the fans see Ray Kamaura standing in the ring with a mic.

Ray: "You know... Im here tonight for a reason."

Ray turns around and looks at the fans on the other side before continuing.

Ray: "Alex...ander... Conway."

Ray moves to the turn buckle and climbs it. Turns around and sits down.

Ray: "Im tired of him running his mouth. Alexander is just overconfident premadona. Tonight... after the 4 Conners match.... Im gonna pay him a visit and ask him ever so nicly for a match. I know that you are all sick of that big mouth, so now Im going to do something that should have been done a long time ago......"

Ray chuckles before finishing his sentence.

Ray: "Its gonna be game over... for... Alexander... Conway..."

Ray: "That man is all talk. Im not gonna lie to you tonight, he has some skill... but he dosen't compair to myself. He acts like he knows it all... and that this company belongs to him. But it dosen't."

Ray hops off the turnbuckle and rolls outside the ring. Slowly he starts to walk up the ramp.

Ray: "Soon, I'll teach him a little humility, for you fans, with the "End Game"."

Ray: "But first things first... My match with Hillbilly Phil is next. All I can tell him is....good luck."

Ray hands his mic to the referee before disappearing backstage.


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