Making A New Name

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Making A New Name

Post  Raytheninja on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:58 am

The Camera turns to show Ray Kamaura standing with Stephanie Dawson. He has his head held high with a wide grin glaming on his face. Ray looks down to Stephaine when she rasies the mic.

Stephanie: "Ray, tonight you have a match with Alexander Conway, how are you going to handle him?"

Ray scratchs his chin while turning to the camera.

Ray: "Lets save that question for last shall we. Id rather say a few words about why I even have this match tonight."

Stephaine looks a little shocked about what Ray has just said.

Ray: "I started my long career...Wait wrong story."

Ray chuckles

Ray: "I might be looked on as the new guy but im far from it. I have lots of experance. Last week, i beat Hillbily Phil, in my first match back from my injury. It takes heart to do what i do. I have more heart than Alexander Conway. Tonight I'm gonna prove myself to Shogun and everybody in the ULOL. In all my years in this "business" I have never been a real Champion. No titles. No big wins. I have been the Number one contender more times then I can count. But never will I let anyone stop me again, from becoming a champion."

Ray walks closer to the camera with tears in his eyes.

Ray: "Ive been a good guy. Ive been a bad guy. Ive been the worst guy. But ive changed my life and my style. Im here for two reasons. The first is to become the Primo Ultimo Champion, and to defeat those who don't apprecate what they have and what they can do. What better way to start than with the man who thinks he should be number 1 contender, "Mr. Calgary". So tonight Its Game over for "Mr. Calgary". Thank you for the interveiw Stephaine."

Ray turns and cracks his neck before walking away for the camera.

Stephaine: There you have it, strong words from the newest addition here at ULOL.


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