Number One... Big Finish(notdone)

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Number One... Big Finish(notdone)

Post  Raytheninja on Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:29 am

Ray Kamaura walked into the backstage area when he sees Stephanie Dawson. Ray stops as Stephaine looks toward him.

Stephanie Dawson: Ray, if i may, i would like an interveiw with you?

Stephaine holds the mic up to Ray Kamaura.

Ray: Sure, i don't see why not.

Stephaine Looks up at ray and asks the first question.

Stephanie Dawson: Ok. Ray How do you feel now that you are the ULOL's number one contender for the Primo Ultimo Championship?

Ray starts to rub his chin.

Ray: Well, Stephanie, it really feels good to finally get another shot at a championship belt. Last week I fought in the ring with two of the ULOL's best. UJJ and Bloodflame really did a number on me. I can still hear that bill ringing. But Thanks to a mistake Bloodflame made earlier that night i won the match. I showed that even the new guy can throw his weight around and earn some respect.

Ray stops so Stepahine can ask him another question.

Stephanie Dawson: How do you plan to deal with Shogun on sunday?

Ray: Well, thats a tough one, Shogun is an undefeated Champion. Not to mention a very great competitor. But He, as a champion, has a huge target on his back... and im gonna hit it hard.

Ray claps his hands together real loud then turns and walks away.


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