I Will Be The Champ

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I Will Be The Champ

Post  Raytheninja on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:40 pm

"Life is Beautiful" by Sixx AM blares throughtout the arena and when the lyrics start to play Ray Kamaura makes his way to the ring very slowly.

Ray Holds up a mic and waits for the crowd's mix reaction of Cheers and boos to stop.

Ray: Last Week The British Hawk beat me in a normal match. It wasn't some fancy match nor was it that important. It was just a midcard match. But tonight I'm not in any matchs. This is, no doubt, Marcus Troy's way of punishing me for bursting into his office.

Ray stops to let the crowd get out some more cheers.

Ray: Well I demanded a rematch for the ULOL Primo Ultimo Championship. I was rejected of course, which is good, because I wouldn't want to just be handed an opportunity. It was a rash move, and I would like to apologize for it. But I am going to earn another shot at the title, only this time, it'll be the hard way. I'm not taking any short cuts. Next week im gonna give UJJ the fight of his life. Win or Lose I'm going to do my best for you, the fans of the ULOL. A change is coming that will shake the very foundation of the ULOL forever. I want to be part of it.

Ray Hands the mic to the offical and starts to leave the ring. Ray stops and decides to climb the turnbuckle to show off a little bit. Ray raises his arms and lets the crowd have time for more cheering. Ray then walks out of the arena back to his locker room.


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Re: I Will Be The Champ

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:49 pm

I edited it up a little bit. This is good Ray.
Alexander Melchiott

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