Why don't you speak French?

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Why don't you speak French?

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:29 pm

Backstage, Stephanie Dawson is standing next to Alexander Conway. Surprisingly enough, Alexander is actually dressed to compete, rather than giving this interview in his usual tuxedo.

Stephanie: "Thank you for joining me, Alexander."

Alexander simply shrugs at Stephanie's opener.

Stephanie: "Alexander, last week, Shogun had some strong-"

Alexander: "Can we not talk about Shogun? I'll deal with that later."

Stephanie: "Alright, well then, there is a question I have always wanted to ask you. Alexander, you are Canadian, so why don't you ever speak French."

Alexander: "Wait, what?"

Stephanie: "Well, a lot of Canadians call themselves French Canadians. And because of the time before 1756, when most of Canada was under French control, they speak French."

Alexander: "So...what are you implying? That Canadians can't speak whatever we please? That we are basically French to you, Americans?"

Stephanie: "No, not at all. It was just a question that I have been wondering."

Alexander: "Well Stephanie, I can speak French. But I certainly don't consider myself a "French Canadian". I would gladly speak some French to you, but because you are so misguided, you have lost that priviledge."

Stephanie: "I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that-"

Alexander: "No, no. What's done is done. Just don't let it happen again. Now can we just please finish this interview?"

Stephanie: "Fine. This week you are going up against Puu, how do you feel about that?"

Alexander: "Puu? You mean the Pig Farmer? The guy who got beaten by that midget?"

Stephanie: "Yes, that's the one."

Alexander: "Well, simply answer, I'm overjoyed. This is basically a guaranteed win. I do feel bad for the poor sod though."

Stephanie: "Why is that?"

Alexander: "Well, the poor chap is going to be used as an example. An example not only to Marcus Troy, to show him just how deep his hole is. Not only to Mrs. Winslow, to show she can count on me to be everything I have said I am. Not only to Shogun, to show him how close he is to losing that belt, but to every person in this freakin' arena. I'm going to use Puu to show everybody that I am as dangerous, as lethal, as meticulous, and simply as good as I have said I am!"

A cold smile appears on Alexander's face as he finishes. He soon turns and walks out of the camera's frame, leaving Stephanie Dawson alone once more.
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