Shogun to the face

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Shogun to the face

Post  Raytheninja on Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:55 am

The expression on Ray's face turns into smile. Ray falls back and bounces off the ropes and goes to give a big boot to Shogun.

Jim: "NO! He can't do this!"

Brad: "Like Hell he can't!"

But Ray stops and looks down at the ground.

Jim: "I'm glad he's shown restraint, and didn't attack a man who isn't even looking.

Ray turns to get out of the ring but instead falls back into the ropes once more and connects with the big boot. Shogun falls to the ground, but before he can get a moment of rest, Ray lifts him onto his shoulders into a Fireman's carry. Leon quickly moves up the turnbuckle, preparing for The Final Rain.

Brad: "Hahaha! It looks like you were wrong Jim!"


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Re: Shogun to the face

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:43 am

As Leon prepares to leap off the turnbuckle onto Shogun, Alexander grabs Shogun's legs and pulls him off the shoulders of Ray Kamaura.

Brad: "Why would you help him!? That's your enemy this Sunday!"

Jim: "I, for one, am glad Alexander stopped them. This could of degenerated very quickly."

Both Ray and Leon move in front of Alexander. Tempers are flaring as the two parties argue in the center of the ring.

Brad: "There are two of them and only one of him. Push him out of the damned way!"

Alexander points to the ramp, as the argument continues. He seems to mouth the word "Go".

Jim: "It looks like this newly formed stable may be breaking down. I think before he told them to go, that he said something about how if they want his help, then they have to play by his rules."

The two frown and argue for a few more moments. After seeing that Alexander is not going to back down, they grudgingly exit the ring. As they move up the ramp, they yell a few words directed to Shogun.

Jim: "Ray and Leon are going, but not without giving Shogun a few last threats."

Brad: "I can't believe those two just backed down! I can't believe Alexander didn't let it happen! He would have had a weakened Shogun for the PPV! The title would of been his for the taking!"
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