Here it is Ray

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Here it is Ray

Post  Yuki on Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:48 am

Smoke pours from the man across the bar as a man dressing in blue and silver talks to a young lady in a red cocktail dress. His silver shirt shines in the dark light, contrasting against his dark blue undershirt. He speaks beneath his blue facemask.

Yuki: "Come on, babe. Let's have some fun."

The lady splashes her drink in his face before walking off. Yuki laughs

Yuki: "You'll be back babe, and I'll be right here!"

Yuki shakes his cyan hair to get the drink out of it and looks up with his golden eyes to see an old friend.

Ray Kamaura: "Yuki Monotomo."

Yuki stands up, matching Ray's height.

Yuki: "Ray! Where you been?! What ya been up to?"

Ray hands him a card with only the letters ULOL on it.

Ray: "We could use a guy like you."

Yuki scoffs and puts the card away.

Yuki: "You know I stopped when we were 17."

Ray begins to walk away.

Ray: "And now you're starting again. Meet me at ULOL tomorrow at 7:00 am."

Ray leaves Yuki standing in the bar. Yuki pulls out the card and sighs.

Yuki: "I guess I have no choice."

Yuki then leaves the bar.

OOC: Ray let me use his caraicter) (His exact typing via yahoo messenger)


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