Japanese Crap and a Facious Return

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Japanese Crap and a Facious Return

Post  Andrew Hunter on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:14 pm

The scene opens upon a hallway. Well lit, considering that it's a hallway that seems relatively un-traveled. The camera man's breathing is the only sound to be heard, except for a slight buzz from one of the light bulbs. As the scene settles over the next few seconds, a faint voice can be heard emitting from one of the nearby doors. The shot moves toward the door from which the voice coming from. The door is cracked, conveniently, and the camera man reaches one of his hands out and pushes the door open. It reveals a man with his back to the camera and a cell phone on his ear, which is probably who he was talking to; wearing a brown leather jacket and some blue jeans. Sound familiar yet? As the camera pushes through, the man begins speaking to whoever is on the other line again, causing the camera man to pause.

Man: 清をはい。私は時間を残して申し訳ありません。しかし-

The camera man knocks on the door, interrupting the man and causing him to turn around, revealing a face some might recognize as Andrew Hunter. He puts the phone back to his lips for a moment.

Andrew: 私は行かなくてはいけません。後日、大丈夫連絡ですか?

Andrew Hunter puts clips the cell phone closed, directing his eyes toward the ground.

Andrew: Well, took you long enough.

Andrew Hunter puts the phone in one of his vest pockets and looks up from the ground, fixing a gaze on the camera lense.

Andrew: As usual, I'm not considered important enough for an interview; but at least I can still get time to state my mind, eh? Heh... I'm sure my termination of my contract came as a surprise to some. But I had my reasons.

The former wrestler looks back down at the ground for a moment, but his eyes quickly dart back up to the camera.

Andrew: You know what this is called? This; me talking to the camera while the poor worker has to sit through me ranting? I call it my 'camera time'. I don't ask for much, not even to be interviewed, but I do request stating my mind. After ULOL's first show ended, I couldn't get anything. Not an interview, camera time, or even a decent match. But you know what really motivated me to leave? Well... lets face it; I was doing horrible. I never even won a match. I neede more training. More experience. So, I went back to where I began my wrestling career; Japan, and spent my year's worth bettering my career there.

Andrew's eyes dart back at the ground, this time staying there.

Andrew: But now I'm back; improved, too. This time I think I'll be here for good, so if you'd excuse me, I have to go bribe Allister with a beer so he signs my contract.

Andrew walks toward the camera and the camera man steps back, allowing him to pass. The shot turns, watching his back as he walks away, down the hall.

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