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William LaCroix

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Mon May 09, 2011 11:25 pm

United League of Lunatics Record: 7-1-1
05/8/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix def. Christopher Bain (pinfall, Dementia)

05/22/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix def. John "Grey Skull" Johnson (pinfall, Riot Run)

06/5/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix def. Rupert B. Humperdink, Chriso, and Bo Hetfield (elimination fatal-four-way, Rupert walked out of the match, Chriso got attacked by Zombie and pinned by Bo after an I'myodaddy-Slam, Bo pinned by LaCroix after the Dementia)

06/26/2011 Uno Mas! : William LaCroix def. John "Grey Skull" Johnson (pinfall, Dementia)

07/3/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix draws with Connoly (Double DQ)

07/24/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix def. Rupert B. Humperdink (pinfall, Neurotoxin)

07/24/2011 Lucha Loco : Connoly and William LaCroix def. Boy Bakla, Ray Kamaura, and Leon Hinomoto (pinfall, Connoly over Bakla, Roll up)

08/21/2011 Lucha Loco : Colton Charles Cai Cobb def. Ragki Nikara, William LaCroix, and Allister King (elimination fatal-four way, Ragki was eliminated by C4's Ground Zero, LACroix was eliminated by Allister's Kingdom Come, and Allister was eliminated by C4's RDX

07/31/2014 Lucha Loco Reunion Show : William LaCroix def. Mewter & Meowlchiott (pinfall, Neurotoxin)
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