Mishe, You Got Some Explain' to do!

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Mishe, You Got Some Explain' to do!

Post  Andrew Hunter on Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:33 am

The camera pans over the fans in the sold out arena, and then cuts to Michelle standing backstage.

Michelle: Please welcome my guest at this time; Andrew Hunter.

The camera zooms out, and cuts slightly to the left showing Andrew Hunter

Michelle: Now Andrew, what are your thoughts about what has recently conspired
Andrew: You mean, with Stefan Escayg? -The crowd pops, showing there approval of Stefan Escayg's name-
Yah, he's a great wrestler and deserves-
Michelle jumps in, interrupting him
Michelle: Umm, I was talking about the Intercontinental Championship.
Andrew: Oh, I see now! Your talking about what I thought about the match between the two Jacks at Night of Perfection, right?
Michelle tucks her lip in, showing a slight hint of frustration, before answering
Michelle: No, I was talking about the more recent news.
Like the new number one contender.
Andrew pauses for a moment
Andrew: Sorry, but I must have missed the announcement, can you fill me in?
Michelle stares at Hunter for a moment, but is able to contain any kind of frustration she may have.
Michelle: Your the new number one contender for the Intercontinenetal Championship.
Andrew Hunter pauses for a moment, and then the announcement finally sinks in.
Andrew: Wait, me!? I'm the contender!? Wow, I guess I should probably do something involving the word: 'controversy', hunh?
Andrew holds his arm up and then leans his head against it for a second
Andrew: I know! I'll kiss you-
No, your already dating Williams
Michelle quickly jumps in
Michelle: Oh believe me! Jack Williams is not my boyfriend!
Then how come he gets to call you Mishe, Mishe?
Michelle begins to shout
Michelle: He is not my boyfriend!
Michelle's voice falls back down
And don't call me Mishe, I get enough of it from Jack.
Andrew: Fine then, I guess since Jacks so special, he gets to call you Mishe, right?
Michelle glares at Andrew
And really, what do you see in him?
Michelle rolls her eyes, and begins to walk away, followed by the camera man
Not you.
Andrew Hunter grabs at the camera, causing a jerk in the shot
Camera man: Don't do that! These are expensive!
Andrew: Well sorry, but I need to be alone to be serious about this. You can stay though.
Andrew Hunter stares directly into the lense
Andrew Hunter: Jack, I know your watching this. And I know why you want to face me.
It's not so that you can prove something. It's not that you want to impress Mishe.
Andrew looks out of shot for a moment, as if noticing an old face.
He stares that direction for a few seconds, but then looks back into the camera.
It's because you want to have a match like Stefan Escayg and Cyrus Grissom's.
No, you want a match that makes that match look like the nick name you gave Cyrus:
"Viral Fungus".
A chuckle emits from the entire audience off of the reference.
And you see, you made a good choice. There are two things you will regret from this, however.
One) you made your girl friend announce it to me! And yes, it is that obvious that you two have a.... Well, relationship.
Andrew licks his lips before continuing
Two) you will no longer be the Intercontinental Championship.

Andrew slowly relinquishes his stare on the camera

The camera cuts to a black screen for about a couple of seconds and then begins to zoom out, showing a television box
???: Well then.
The camera cuts to the left, revealing Jack Williams staring at the screen.
Jack Williams: It looks like no matter what you do,
you can never hide our relationship, Mishe.
The crowd begins to laugh as the shot fades

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