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Post  Raytheninja on Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:22 am

The lights go out. The crowd goes silent. "Blind Man" by Black Stone Cherry starts playing. The lights slowly come back on. Only to Stop and have a spotlight on Ray Kamaura in the middle of the ring. The fans start cheering loudly.

Ray looks around at the fans as he waits for them to stop cheering.

Ray: Thanks for the cheers. I here tonight because somebody somewhere saw my match with "Mr. Calgary" and they seem to think i earned a shot to be the number one contender!

The crowd cheers as Ray Kamaura turns around and holds up the mic. Ray turns to the other side of the ring.

Ray: Last week, I had one hell of a match with "Mr. Calgary", Alexander Conway. Its just too bad that in order to beat me he exposed a turnbuckle, and slamed my head onto it. But he did win, and i got some valuble in ring time. I guess you could say... i level'd up.

Ray chucles then continues.

Ray: But this week, I have a match to determine the number one contender for the Primo Ultimo Championship. Ill be facing Bloodflame and "Unstoppable" Jack Johnson, and to be honest... i'm nervous.These are two of the best wrestlers there are today. I respect there in ring skills. But I AM GOING TO WIN THIS MATCH!!!! There is no doubt in my mind that i can win. I may be the "New Guy" in the ULOL but i have near 10 years of wrestling under my belt.

Ray Kamaura moves turnbuckle and climbs it backwards and sitts down.

Ray: Tonight, Im going to use my size and stregth to my advantage. Tonight, the game changes in my favor. ITS MY TIME!!!

Ray hops off of the turnbuckle and moves to the center of the ring.

Ray: In the match tonight its gonna be GAME OVER for Bloodflame. As for "Unstoppable" Jack Johnson Im a immovable wall.

Ray turns his he quickly to the camera and stares right into it.

Ray: Shogun you better be ready becuase weather I win or lose. Theres gonna be a number one contender. But i think that gold would look good around my waist.

Ray climbs out of the ring and walks backstage.


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