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Post  Alexander Melchiott on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:32 am

Before this will be a YouTube video, what words should be on it? Here's what I was thinking:
"Cameron Jones and Nicky...."
"They have been bloodied, broken, and disposed of."
"We've done this to them, because they are weak."
"Who is next?"
"Hillbilly Phil? Puu? Roe Kai? The Morbidly Obese Man?"
"Or maybe a better question would be...."
"Who isn't next?"
"The Cleansing has only just begun..."

As the lights come back on, the crowd falls earily silent. Andrew Hunter, bleeding profusly from his head, is hanging 20 feet above the ring by barbed wire strung around his arms and waist. Below, three figures stare ominously upwards towards him. The one in the center, Alexander Conway, has his head thrown back with his arms spread wide absorbing the moment. Some of Andrew's blood has dripped onto his face. One of the others hands Alexander a microphone. Alexander's face distorts into a sneer as he brings the microphone to his mouth.

Alexander: "Is it all finally coming together for you pigons? Are the pieces to the puzzle moving into place? Do you understand what this is?"

The crowd is still too astonished to reply to him.

Alexander: "This is GLORIOUS! This is what the ULOL has needed for so long; a good cleansing. The weak and ignorant have plagued this place for far too long, something had to be done. But who, who had the guts to take on this fight. Who could champion the revolution and once again lead the ULOL to prominance? No one man could do it, so three rose up. Three put there careers on hold, in order to take on this valient crusade."

Alexander's sneer turns into a twisted smile.

Alexander: "You could consider our doings to be similar to natural selection. The only difference is that something more potent than nature is doing the selecting. Isn't that right Ray?"

Alexander turns and hands the microphone to the tallest of the three, Ray Kamaura.

Ray Kamaura takes the microphone and holds it to his lips. Ray remains silent until he begins to laugh.

Ray: "Well said Conway. I think its been a long time coming for this joke of a federation. The ULOL has been a breeding ground for talentless wrestlers. If only I was the Primo Ultimo Champion. This would all be sweeter, as I could stand as a testiment to the strength of our conviction."

Ray Kamaura begins to laugh again as he passes the mic back to Alexander Conway.

Alexander: "Don't we all wish that we had that title to show the right and power of our crusade against the plague? Leon, do you have anything you'd like to add?"

Alexander hold out his microphone to the third member of the trio, apparently named Leon.
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