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Christopher Bain

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:41 am

United League of Lunatics Record: 4-7-1
3/3/2011 Lucha Loco : Musashi Kuruma def. Christopher Bain (pinfall, Daisetsuzan Oroshi)

3/17/2011 Lucha Loco : Christopher Bain vs. Stank Lord ends in a draw (double KO)

3/27/2011 Donde Esta El Banyo?! : Taufik def. The Morbidly Obese Man, Zombie, Christopher Bain, Jack Johnson, and Stank Lord to win the Boleto Dorado (free cat challenge)

4/3/2011 Lucha Loco : Stank Lord def. Christopher Bain (submission, Shoebra clutch)

4/17/2011 Lucha Loco : Christopher Bain def. John Johnson and Little Wang (pinfall, Christopher Bain over John Johnson, following interference from The Masked Man)

4/24/2011 Me Cago En La Leche! : Musashi Kuruma def. Shogun, Quioaecaopedidwazhapzhing, Tonelada, Christopher Bain, and AJ for the Boleto Dorado (Russian Roulette)

5/8/2011 Lucha Loco : William LaCroix def. Christopher Bain (pinfall, Dementia)

5/15/2011 Lucha Loco : Alexander Conway def. The British Hawk, Arnold Bold, Felix Schwarz, Little Wang, Andrew Hunter, AJ, Raven Connoly, John "Grey Skull" Johnson, Christopher Bain (Over the top rope elimination, runner-up The British Hawk) (Christopher Bain eliminated first by John Johnson) (John Johnson eliminated second by The Masked Man) (Raven Connoly eliminated third by Alexander Conway) (AJ eliminated fourth by Alexander Conway) (Andrew Hunter eliminated fifth by Felix Schwarz and Arnold Bold) (Little Wang eliminated sixth by The British Hawk) (Arnold Bold eliminated seventh by The British Hawk) (Felix Schwarz eliminated eigth by The British Hawk) (The British Hawk eliminated last by Alexander Conway)

6/26/2011 Uno Mas! : Alexander Conway def. Christopher Bain to retain the ULOL Ligero Maximo Championship (Ladder match, notable moment: Bain German Suplexed off of one ladder and through another)

7/10/2011 Lucha Loco : The AAA def. Ray Kamaura and Leon Hinomoto (DQ, Yuki pushed Bain from the top rope)

7/24/2011 Lucha Loco : The AAA def. Taufik and Jim Rival (pinfall, Bain over Rival, interference from Arnold Bold and Felix Schwarz)

8/14/2011 Lucha Loco : The AAA def. Brostar and Fettel Marston (pinfall, Hunter over Brostar, Primo Victoria)
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