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Ace Hawkins

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Fri Apr 06, 2012 3:53 pm

Full Throttle Wrestling Record: 2-6-0

2/23/2012 FTW Wrestletopia Night 1 : Ace Hawkins def. Acid (pinfall, Ace Crusher)

2/25/2012 FTW Wrestletopia Night 3 : Ace Hawkins def. Darryl Devine (pinfall, Busaiku Knee Kick)

2/26/2012 FTW Wrestletopia Night 4 : Aiden Hollows def. Ace Hawkins (pinfall, Corkscrew Moonsault)

4/1/2012 FTW FutureShock : Antonio Del Veccio wins a 30-man Royal Rumble tp win the FTW World Heavyweight Championship by last eliminating Alexander Ravensdale (Loss not counted on official FTW Record)

8/12/2012 FTW Velocity : Kazu Nagai def. Ace Hawkins (submission, Sharpshooter)

8/26/2012 FTW The Showcase : Treachery (Dmitry Petrovich & William LaCroix) def. Ethan O'Reilly and Ace Hawkins to retain the FTW World Tag Team Championships (pinfall, LaCroix over Hawkins, Riot Run)

9/16/2012 FTW Velocity : Colton Charles Cai Cobb def. Ace Hawkins (submission, RDX)

9/30/2012 FTW Anniversary Show : Hugo Andore def. Ace Hawkins (pinfall, Megaton Press)

10/14/2012 FTW Velocity : Dmitry Petrovich def. Ace Hawkins to win the FTW World Heavyweight Championship (pinfall, Iron Curtain)
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