Interview with Team Symphony

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Interview with Team Symphony

Post  Alexander Melchiott on Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:25 pm

Julie Rodriguez stands in the hall, waiting outside the Team Symphony door hoping to get an interview with the new RoC World Tag Team Champions of the World. She looks a bit impatient, but that quickly fades to a more cool and level complexion as Alexander Melchiott and Andrew Hunter round the corner. Seeing Julie, the two realize that she wants an interview with them.

Julie Rodriguez: "Alexander, Andrew, may I have a quick-"

Before Julie can finish, Melchiott swipes the microphone from her hands.

Alexander Melchiott: "I'm sorry Julie, but the other people qualified to interview Team Symphony is Team Symphony themselves. Now scoot, I'll be conducting this interview."

Melchiott shoos Julie out of frame before turning to face Hunter.

Alexander Melchiott: "Congradulations on becoming the new World Tag Team Champions! How does it feel to be the first and only team to manage to become two time champions?"

Stepping back beside Andrew Hunter, Melchiott decides to respond to the question first.

Alexander Melchiott: "Well, I think it is obvious how we feel; eccstatic! This may just be another accomplish on the long list of success we both have had, but it proves everything that I have said to be true. Hunter and I are the best tag team in the business today."

Melchiott hands the microphone to Andrew Hunter.

Andrew Hunter: ""

Taking back the microphone, Melchiott steps back into his interview position.

Alexander Melchiott: "Now that you've dispatched those two disgraces to the tag team division, The Fossils, what comes next for Team Symphony?"

Melchiott again steps back beside Hunter to answer the question.

Alexander Melchiott: "A lot of partying and gambling... but seriously, we expect to face those two hasbeens and neverweres again soon. I'm sure that Rex and Dorn will come out of their graves to complain that we are "disgraces" and that we "cheated" to win these belts, but let's be real, the two old men got outplayed by the more intelligent duo. We could have won that match anyway we pleased, but why waste time? They should have known what was coming, so they can really only blame themselves."

Melchiott steps back into the interview position.

Alexander Melchiott: "This question is for you, Andrew. The last time we saw you here, you and Melchiott were mortal enemies. What changed?"

Andrew Hunter: ""

Alexander Melchiott: "So, do you two have any final comments?"

Turning to Julie, Melchiott hands her the microphone.

Alexander Melchiott: "Now that's how you conduct an interview."

After giving Julie a smirk, Melchiott and Hunter enter their locker room, leaving Julie alone in the hallway.
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